Spring boot Security + JWT Demo Example

Here I have created a maven project and configured JSON WEB TOKEN(JWT) with Spring Boot.

JWT Will Perform the below 2 operations:

1. Generate JWT Token — We Expose a POST API on /authenticate Endpoint. And Passing the correct username and password to generate a JSON Web Token(JWT).

JWT Token Generate with Valid credentials :

Make a POST request with URL http://localhost:8089/authenticate. The body should have a valid username and password. Here I used username: “ruhul” and password: “password”. Please make sure that the body should be in JSON format. If the username and password are valid then it will return a token and success Response with 200 Status code. An example is below :

Validate JWT Token & Make Rest API call :

Try to access the URL http://localhost:8089/testuri using the above-generated token in the header as Bearer Token. If the Authorization Bearer token is valid it will return a valid response.



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